Blind Boone Home
Blind Boone Home

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Clyde Ruffin hosting an event at the Boone Home
Event Space at the Boone Home

Step back in time...

We offer customized guided tours of the Boone Home to accommodate the specific interests of your group. The educational tour can be adapted for students of all ages and lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. This tour provides an interactive experience of Boone’s life and musical genius, through historical artifacts, accessories and a study guide. 

The traditional tour of the home and gardens, features a screening of “The Prodigy,” a documentary about Boone’s life and music, well as the opportunity to listen to one of Boone’s extraordinary piano rolls on the player piano. 

You’ll also experience an informative presentation of his life story through the collection of historic photographs. You may request information about the history and restoration of the home.

John W. Blind Boone
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